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Facebook and Drug Addiction

If your parents gonna read this on your wall...They will kill you for sure.
It is somehow correctly and partly wrong. Its better to get addicted on Facebook than Drugs.

Dinagyang 2012 Pamukaw

Dinagyang 2012 pamukaw invaded the streets of Iloilo City which started from Bonifacio Drive heading towards the City Proper of Iloilo City- December 16,2011
Competing Tribes for Dinagyang 2012.
Tribu Pan-ay of Fort San Pedro National High School (Dinagyang 2011 Defending Champion)
Tribu Paghidaet of La Paz National High School
 Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
 Tribu Ilonganon of La Puz,
 Tribu Atub-Atub, Tribu Aninipay ,Tribu Molave, Tribu Bantu, Tribu Angola, Tribu Milagrosa, Tribu Lunok of Iloilo National High School and Tribu Buntatalan-on.

Dinagyang 2012 is the awakening of the city for the upcoming Dinagyang 2012 this Jaunary.

(click image for higher resolution)

Pamukaw in mid December

A city filled with excitement for Dinagyang 2012

Teachers of Tribu Paghidaet in a pose with Sto. Nino

Volunteerism is unpaid..but much REWARDING

Philippine Red Cross Iloilo Chapter : Handwashing program at Tacas Elementary School
“One can pay back the loan gold, but one dies forever in debt of those who are in kind”
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
And foremost: Dear volunteers and classmates!
 A pleasant good morning to all of you. This year’s international year of the volunteers is drawing to a close, with that, there are still few people keep on asking why volunteerism is somehow important aside from the fact that there is nothing to gain from it.

The Cheaper way of Securing your Home with AWR

Canvassing for a Home Surveillance System?
Dome Security Camera
But what if your budget isn't enough to buy such equipment like CCTV Cameras, Digital Video Recorder and such cables and adapters needed for installment.

Now there is an alternative way to secure your home. No Expensive CCTV cameras, No High Cost DVRs... All what you need is just an ordinary webcam and a computer!


Photo By NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech

On its 16th month of exploration, The Keplers mission has started its way down to success. New planets has been confirmed to exist, and its not just one,two or three. They were thousands of them. The planets were said not only to exist but these planets can support life.


On my 100th post...
I am thanking the people who contributed on the progress of my BLOG.
First on hand is my LOYAL visitors who keep on visiting NONSTOP here at Yellowsplat.

"PASIDUNGOG: A Tribute Concert of the Panayana Cultural Group, Panayana Alumni and Kalingawan Dance Troupe" (Reunion Concert)

"PASIDUNGOG: A Tribute Concert of the Panayana Cultural Group, Panayana Alumni and Kalingawan Dance Troupe


Activity Date: December 1, 2011
Activity Time: 8:00am - 11:00am
Activity Place: Red Cross Youth Training Center, 3rd floor, Philippine Red Cross Building

Dr. Judith Sol - Jimeno (Western Visayas Regional Blood Center)

Registration: 75.00 (early bird)
On-site Registration: 100.00

THANK you!..

Spread the news and let HIV: GETTING TO ZERO! (Zero New Infections, Zero Discrimination, and Zero Related Death)

Now on HIT: EPAD

Tablet PC a.k.a PADS are now rising on today's generation. There are ipads,joypads,fastpads,galaxytab
apad and epad. With the power of the fast growing android technology...will apple end it's destiny?

Android Logo
Have you heard of the thing called epad? Its what they call the imitation of ipad...or ipad clone for short.
Most of epad were China made. Some were from Taiwan,Japan or Korea. People say, Epad is a good substitute for
ipad if you dont have a budget. Well aside from the fact that epad is cheap and China made, Epad also has
features which can be found on epad.
here are some:
Compared to ipad, this epad also have the same port for charging and connecting USBs."Transfer Box" (comes with the package)
are use to convert the port to USB one. Its has two USB ports and one Port for LAN.
You can connect your USB flash drive to your epad. Just like a computer, You can view your Videos,Pictures, Listen to Musics
and Edit your Office Documents.
Google Map.A preinstalled App
Like I have said, You can edit your office documents on your epad. It comes with an office editor when you buy one (or you can download
one from the android market). On my case, I have an android application called " Documents to Go"
there you can edit your microsoft office documents such as from Powerpoint,Word and Excel.
Epad uses Android technology. With that, You can download android applications from the android market (preinstalled on your epad).
There are more than 100,000++ android applications that you can download. One of the best application ive downloaded is the " Angry Birds".
Actually I downloaded Angry Birds from a different market. Because the preinstalled market has only limited apps. The preinstalled Android market is different from thos android market found
on Galaxy Tabs and other android devices. The preinstalled Android market I have is called "APP MARKET". It is specially programmed for MID EPADS
Chat with your friends on Facebook
. Back to topic... Since I have this aweful android market... I used " Mobile1" its like the original android market".There you can search for applications and games on different categories and types.
One time ... I travelled on a place which is not quite familiar to me. I went there alone all by myself. I got lost.
So lucky me because I have Smartbro, a wireless broadband modem, and my EPAD brought with me. So I plugged my Smart Bro into my
EPAD and start browsing the Google Map.Sameway on the computer, the googlemap on the epad are as accurate as the computer does. Its even more clear compared to an
IPad like Interface
ordinary NEO laptop.
Epad is quite cool. It has printscreen features where in you can capture you screen.Also, It has a camera which enables you to
chat with your family and friends,and lot more!
If this epad will not last for a year, well the touch and tablet PC experience can pay the price.
EPAD and quality will never be friends...but EPAD and user experience will sure be bestfriends!

Philippine Red Cross Youth-Type B Uniform

Philippine Red Cross Youth Type B uniform
Layout Courtesy:
Khene Rae Paranga
Philippine Red Cross Youth- Iloilo Chapter

Importance of Tolerance

Importance of Tolerance
This world is full of differences that we cannot banish. Differences might become problems. Yet, if we are trying to be wise, we'll find that differences are beautiful. Tolerance is what we need to cultivate into our mind. Make sure that we have had this value since we were kids that we can build our peaceful world.



transformation of human societies from being hunter-gatherer based to agriculture based.
Vere Gordon Childe 
14 April 1892 – 19 October 1957),
known as V. Gordon Childe, was an Australian archaeologist andphilologist who specialised in the study of European prehistory.

Neolithic Revolution, Occurred first in the so-called FERTILE CRESCENT.

The Fertile Crescent is a region in Western Asia. It includes the comparatively fertile regions of Mesopotamia and the Levant, delimited by the dry climate of the Syrian Desert to the south and the Anatolian highlands to the north.

Creaitive Digital Media Artist Group

Looking for the cheapest digital media producion in Iloilo? Wherein video production,photography,technical support team,graphic design is at cheapest onits best and excellent quality.

Creative Digital Media Artist Group is a school based organization specifically in West Visayas State University- Intgrated Laboratory School. The organization is composed of high school students who are experts in Digital Media, especially in Graphic Design and Motion Design. The group aims to expand its name to other schools in Iloilo to gather and develop more Digital Media Artists.

Compounds-Chemistry part2


Substances that are composed of two or more elements in a specific ratio.

Cannot be separated into other substances by physical methods.

Heat is either released or absorbed when a compound is formed.
Compounds can be classified as

Importance of some compounds

Water – a very essential compound, makes up about 70% of the total mass of our bodies.
Drinking water helps eliminate toxins from our body especially in our kidneys.
A universal solvent
Compounds of aluminum is used in dyeing
Silica a main component of sand, is an inorganic polymer of silicon and oxygen. Used to make glass
Sulfuric acid is important in fertilizer production and the synthesis of other chemicals during petroleun refining.
Calcium oxide is used in manufacture of glass and cement and in water purification.
Calcium carbonate occurs naturally as chalk, limestone or marble, used to make quicklime and a constituent of some toothpaste.
3 silver halides – silver chloride, silver bromide and silver iodide – used in photographic films and paper.
Sodium hydroxide used in the manufacture of chemicals, paper, aluminum, petroleum and detergents.

Elements-Chemistry Part 1


Substances that cannot be broken down or decomposed into simpler substances.

Simplest form of matter that a chemist work with directly.

Each element is assigned a chemical symbol. The symbol is formed from one or two letters of the English name for the element.
How Are Elements Named? 
Element names are not the same in every country. Many countries have adopted the element names that have been agreed upon by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). 
According to the IUPAC, "elements can be named after a mythological concept, a mineral, a place or country, a property, or a scientist".  

The Green Magic in Film

Long time ago, I wondered and Ive been asking my self..." How did they do that? Did they really shoot in the outerspace?". I know its impossibe...and I know they made something to make the impossible-POSSIBLE.
Yellowsplat is makiing video presentations like virtual Ids, Music Videos,Reports and etc. with the use of Adobe Premiere. One thing we've trying to solve for several weeks already, is...How to use the green screen thingy... We one by one the effects founf d on the Adobe premiere panel..Until finally, We found the Blue screen..But...Blue screen? Isnt it "green screen" weve been looking for?. We tried the blue screen thing, We did..But It only work with Blue background. The next effect on the panel is " chroma key" we tried it without knowing that it will work. We found the color picker on its panel...picked the green color on the screen...then...there you go! we are now ready for green screen packed action!

My first Animation

Okay..okay! I admit it!
This is my first Computer Animation,I used Macromedia Flash 8 since Adobe Flash cs4 is complicated for me to use that time..But know I am using Adobe Cs5 in editing animations like these

Life Power featuring WVSU council

West Visayas State University Red Cross Youth Volunteers
edited by Khene Rae Paranga

It’s all about giving, it’s all about trust 
It’s all about people, it’s all about us 
It’s all about being human and having a heart 
It’s all about being human and playing your part 
It’s all about healing, it’s all about life 
It’s all about helping the weak survive 
It’s all about being human and able to care 
It’s all about being human and ready to share

1st Iloilo Red Cross Youth Camp Success

The 1st Iloilo Red Cross Youth Camp last May 9-14 became a big success. Surpassing all crams,problems and conflicts, the Camp Committee made the campers to have big,wide smile of excitement,fun and learning.
The Pavia Mayor Gorricetta had his speech thanking the Red Cross for their valuable help during the typhoon Frank Flash flood. He said that Pavianons  will always welcome Red Cross in their life.

After this successful 5 day camp? when will the 2nd Red Cross Youth Summer Camp be? Its a big surprise and a lot of big twists will happen so watchout! Basta RCY,ASTIG!

Angry Birds on Google Chrome

Ive been looking forward for this game few months already....
This game can be found on Smartphones and iPads...
But unfortunately, I dont have the money to buy expensive gadgets like these.
Lately, I opened my Google Chrome browser, I found an App...
Angry Birds is the title.
I come to think of something..this app is modified.. this aint original
But with the interest that pushes me... I have cant refrain from the app.. So ive downloaded it
Whooaa! Just like the  original Angry Birds found on iPads...this Google Chrome Angry Bird is exactly the way it is...
Here is a screenshot of Angry Birds
Angry birds on Google Chrome

If you want to have this app.... just download it at 
Its FREE..100% FREE

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW or write a review of Angry Birds...

West Visayas State University Virtual Tour

Tour West Visayas State University with this eye popping video experience!

This West Visayas State University Virtual Tour is bought you by
West Visayas State University- Integrated Laboratory School (secondary)
High School Student Council

WVSU Integrated Laboratoyry School Lanyard

click the image for full resolution

Yellow Splat Official Logo

As technology grows,
Ysplat have to grow also.
The new Y splat logo innovates
the development of its members through teaching and creative production designs.

Recovering Japan

For several months already, Has japan fully recovered from the disasters happened? How could they find their way back. How can WE MAKE OUR SHARE?

A problem with the requested link

This page is bothering me. It blocks the link posted on my chatbox...hehe.Hmm.. How can I solve this problem?Stop there might be a problem with the requested link


Want to be a member of an organization that teach,earn and helps bringing the technology to the people?
JOIN us now!
Learn new things on technology as we teach fellowmen with it.
Develop skills and potential in different fields of the new generation of technology,
Find something interesting that can be earned and will not poil your time on useless things

Employee hierarchy

Chief Executive Officer
Khene Rae G. Paranga

Vice President
Raphael Mariano Talabis


Senior Project Manager / Senior Product Manager / Senior Software Architect

Project Manager / Product Manager / Software Architect

Project Lead / Senior Team Lead / Senior Technical Lead

Module Lead / Team Lead / Technical Lead

Senior Software Engineer / Senior QA Engineer

Software Engineer / QA Engineer

emeil us at

June 20 is special nonworking holiday

Message from the palace that states that June 20 is a special non working holiday.






Stages of writing Development

Stages of writing Development
                                                                                                       Conventional spelling
                                                                                       Invented spelling
                                                                   Reproducing learned units
                                          Making letter-like forms

Stages of the Reading Process/ literacy development

Stages of the Reading Process/ literacy development
-guide in determining the reading skills of a particular child or the whole class.
Stage 1- Emergent Reader
-beginning reader
-basic concepts of print
-picture analysis
-sound letter recognition
Stage 2- Early reader
-word recognition strategies
-sight words
-print reading
Stage 3- Transitional reader
-towards fluent reading
-reading of lengthy texts
-little reliance in pictures
Stage 4- Self Extending Reader
-independent reading
-reading various texts
-reading for information
-gradual speed in reading
Stage 5-Advanced/Fluent Reader
-mastery in reading
-proficient comprehension
-reading for pleasure
-interpretive reading
-internalized reading strategies
Writing is always related to reading and reading is always connected to writing. As the child writes, he integrates knowledge of reading with knowledge of writing.

Factors that Affect Reading Progress

1.Cerebral Dominance- laterality of the individual is affected is by the dominance in the two hemispheres of the brain.
2. Directional Orientation-spatial and directional orientation underlie in all aspects of perception- visual. auditory, tactile and kinesthetic.
3.Maturation-  lag in the maturation of the brain part neopallium can slow down intellectual and emotional development.

Developmental Reading

Developmental Reading deals with the theories of child`s early stages of learning his progress to fluency in oral language,   reading and writing, and the transfer of his home literacy to school literacy.
Marie Clay(1966) was the first one who used the term emergent literacy. Emergent literacy refers to the competencies and skills in early childhood.
Emergent or emerging means that the children are always in the process of becoming literate, probably since they are just few months old(Teale,1987)
Sulzby(1991) defines literacy as the reading and writing behaviors of young children that precede and develop into conventional literacy.

What made us?

The decade I wrote this blog was the decade of old fashion. everything is old.old and old.Nothing is new.except for the thing they call mobile racing (dont be confuse..Its not related with mobile racing games). Mobile racing is where mobile phones are used as engines for their racing cars.

West Visayas State University Virtual Tour

West Visayas State University
 Integrated Laboratory School-Secondary
Virtual Tour for Freshmen Orientation


In addition to age, gender is one of the universal dimension on which status difference are based. Unlike sex, which is a biological concept, gender is a social construct specifying the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and women are to follow.


Individual, formal organizations, commonly identified as “institutions,” may be deliberately and intentionally created by people. Their development and functioning in society in general may be regarded as an instance of emergence, that is, institutions arise, develop and function in a pattern of social self-organization, which goes beyond the conscious intentions of the individual human’s involved.
What is social institution?
In any human society are social structures and social mechanisms of social order and cooperation that govern the behavior of its members. These are called social institutions and according to functional theorists perform five essential tasks namely: replacing members or procreation, teaching new members, producing, distributing and consuming goods and services, preserving order, and providing and maintaining a sense of purpose.
Social institution is a group of social positions, connected by social relations, performing a social role. It can also be defined in a narrow sense as any institution in society that works to socialize the groups of people in it.

Cultural Changes

Cultural Changes
Whenever two or more people come together with a shared purpose, they form a culture with its own written and unwritten rules for behavior. Our families, workplaces, and communities all have cultures. These cultures have a tremendous, though rarely recognized, impact upon or behavior as individuals.
Multiculturalism is a policy that emphasizes the unique characteristics of different cultures, especially as they relate to one another in receiving nations.
Multicultural Education

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
Two types of communication:
Ø  verbal refers to use of language
Ø  non verbal refer to the use of gestures, facial expressions, and other body movements
Language is an abstract system of word meaning and symbols for all aspects of culture. It includes speech, written characters, numerals, symbols and gestures and gestures and expressions of non-verbal communication.

The Four Pillars of Education

The Four Pillars of Education
These four pillars of knowledge cannot be anchored solely in one phase in a person's life or in a single place. There is a need to re-think when in people's lives education should be provided, and the fields that such education should cover. The periods and fields should complement each other and be interrelated in such a way that all people can get the most out of their own specific educational environment all through their lives

Social Dimensions of Education

Introduction to the Social Dimensions of Education
Sociologists see the education as one of the major institutions that constitutes society. While theories guide research and policy formulation of education, they also provide logical; explanations on why things happen the way they do. These theories help sociologists understand educational systems.
Consensus is a general or widespread agreement among all members of a particular society.

Adobe CS5 Product keys

Trials are available for Adobe Creative Suite 5 but the 30 day trial version of it is isn't enough satisfactory for trials. The Yellow Splat team explore around the internet to search for the most illegal thing that exist in the world- the revelation of CS5 product keys
here below are some of the the keys we've collected from a certain website:

Roberto Chua*Che Wai Fun Run

The Iloilo Society Commercial will have a Fun Run in the memorial of Roberto Chua Che Wai this upcoming June 12, 2011 at the Iloilo City Freedim Grandstand. The event will start at 5:00 am and the run will start at 6:00 am. Registration fee is P 50.00 . They will be giving out free tshirts to the finishers and on the 5K run, they will be giving out prizes too.Well its a fun run in Iloilo as in celebration also to the Independence Day of the Philippines this 2011.

Pleas HELP me.VOte my Entry

Earthling bloggers I really really  need your help. Please vote my entry. I need your full support..pls vote this entry..this was taken during the Sinadya sa Suba where Red Cross are in part of....

Proper Hand Washing

Faith Genterola, President of CRCY WVSU washing the hands of a child.
May 27,2011 Brgy.Desamparados,Jaro Iloilo City- The iFm 95.1 conducted a barangay to barangay hand washing and dengue awareness program in the campaign of good Health for the upcoming Opening of Classes. In partnership of Philippine Red Cross with sponsor from different products like Gardenia, The campaign made the people of Brgy. Desamparados happy and become more aware of Dengue and Sanitation.

Sol y Jump

Jump HIGH at Sol y Mar Beach resort Tigbauan Iloilo

A Big DealA tod

A junior resident of Brgy. Desamparados, Jaro Iloilo City during the feeding program of the Philippine Red Cross with sponsor IFm and Gardenia

Poverty at Stake

Children playing along the Trenas Boulevard during the  Iloilo Sinadya sa Suba  2011Photo

All grown up in Spy Kids 4

Avid fans of Robert Rodriguez' Spy Kids are anticipating for the next level and new generation of SPY KiDS.
Unlike the previous, Spy Kid's original cast Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara are  no \kw grown ups and is guiding the new generation  Jessica Alba and Joel Mchale. In the new movie Spy Kids 4:All the time in the world, Carmen and Juni are still working with the Organization of the Secret Spies.
Spy Kids 4: All time in the world will open on August 19.

LIZA MOON infects 500,000+ webpages

A malware nicknamed "LizaMoon" infected 28,00 webpages last March 28th. Most of the webpages are associated with RSS and XML feeds for iTunes podcast updates. Claimed by Google,almost 1,500,000 pages are already infected up to date.

The virus' behavior convince users that they have to download a software to remove an existing virus,although the warning appear on pages unaffected by LizaMoon,the infection happened earlier unnoticed to the user.
It is a big warning for all music Lovers and iTunes addicts!

Judgement Day Doomsday-FAILED

Its a good news for us. No Rapture,No Disasters,No Death and No Phenomenas. If Camping said that global disasters like earthquakes, corpse will spread out and lot of bad situations will happen on the 21st May, But didnt. Camping and his other believers-FAILED.

Judgement Day: A Bible Theory or A Truth

A lot of "End of the world" Theories,predictions,foretells and contradictions are spreading today. One of the most popular End Of the World Theories is the MAYAN CALENDAR in which lately proven not true and the real system of the Mayan Dating.
Lately,This Summer 2011 I have observed on the city streets Full Posters were being posted,Judgement Day Billboards and Telecasts. The question is: Is this Real?

Leadership: A big confusion

I went into confusion after my 3 leadership training conflicted in thoughts and ideas. A Speaker said that each one of us our leaders, Yes I believe with that. Each one of us are leaders but how? in what way? The question asked can be answered by a simple question: WHo Told YoU?


We know disasters strike when we least expect them. They become great levelers in the aftermath, causing irreparable damages to lives and property. Given the magnitude of its effects, we must ask ourselves, "Am I prepared?"

Acting on this premise, the Philippine Red Cross is campaigning to encourage all households to be smart and assemble their own 72-hour survival kit. Preparedness spells the difference in the crucial first 72 hours of a disaster as they wait for assistance to arrive.

A Memory Of Solferino

ICRC publication 1986 ref. 0361 by Henry Dunant
A Memory of Solferino
Ever since its inception over a century ago, the Red Cross has been providing protection and assistance to
those in distress.
In normal circumstances, in the organized society in which he usually lives, man is protected by laws and
finds sustenance close at hand. But there are also situations, such as armed conflicts or natural disasters,
when society is thrown out of kilter, laws are violated, man's natural environment is turned into chaos, and
his safety, health and very survival are threatened: in times like those the Red Cross strives to help and
protect the victims.

I sacrificed blogging for Humanity

Grand Campfire
Well, Like I have said on my previous blogs: No time for Blogging this summer.This week, In the celebration of the World Red Cross Day, The Iloilo Chapter of Philippine Red Cross celebrated it through singing the "Life Power"  and by  forming a Human Red Cross on the Opening Program of the 1st Iloilo Red Cross Youth Summer camp.

UPDATE status on different gadgets with PC

Insecure your friends with your Facebook status icon.

If you post or update a status on a gadget. An icon of a gadget will show up on the lower left icon of your status. If you have blackberry, A black berry logo will show up on that said location, If you use playstation 3 , a small icon of playstation 3 will also be shown.

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