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Ola! Im back!

Wow.. Its been a week already since the last post I published on my blog.
Another big WOW for another row of Followers following my blog... Thanks!
haha.. I have tons of pictures to show for you but I cant...

I am recently on a vacation on the next island of hours. So better stay tuned on my blog!
=D miss you guys!

Making my blog known: a big adventure(UPDATED)

I am on a quest. A quest to make my blog new blog popular. I am spreading yellow all around the internet to make it popular.If you received a comment or a message from me,dont worry it isnt a  spam.hehe

Day 1
The" next blog "button on Blogger
I was curious on how popular blogs became popular.I mean how did they receive high then I search "how to increase blog traffic" on the Google search.  Early morning on the previous day I started to visit blogs on the internet( of course internet..duh.hehe) via blogger.One of them was, there I found a very loyal follower,its site owner--Zeeck. I followed him and then I commented on some of his cool posts.

Summer Adventure: Mango Island-GUIMARAS

May 17,2011- I went off Guimaras for an awesome trip!
First Summer Adventure stop- Guimaras!
Guimaras has been known for its Sweet Mangoes.yup! It is so swweeett!

Guimaras is a few Kilometers away from Iloilo city

One of the Guimaras Caves weve visited during the island hopping

Relaxing scenery along you travel

Science vs. Religion:Where are you?

An atheist quoted, "Science without religion is lame,Religion without science is blind".
The quote somehow explains to us on how Science and Religion needs each other. And on how science gave the reality to religion.and religion to science.

Android Bot Ghost is hunting me!

That Android bot ghost wont stop appearing on my dreams! Why?Why?not a witch doctor can help me.She dont even believe in Robot ghosts.

NEWbie's Blog BLAST!!

Me shouuting "YEEYAHHH!"

         Jumping to the MAX is your first (uhh..)reaction if you receive your first comment on your BLOG.
For a newbie, It feels good..not just good nor better but GREAT!

A bug on my eye bag

What you are thinking is wrong.This isnt upsidedown, a sore eye,a makeup nor a clown.

:putnam: confusion

Who is :putnam: on Facebook chat emoticons? According to some sites it is Chris Putnam, a software engineer. But..Is it really Chris Putnam? 

Oh my! my mind isnt working!

Even a cup of coffee cannot treat my nonworking brain.
Is there another way to treat Brains? A soda? A bag of caffeine? hmm... I think I just need some rest.

Become a Hero with Alterspace!

" Im going to be superman and save the world......uhh ..but not now!!"
no one quoted that before.But now..... still none
Altespace logo.haha
After the Mayan Calendar have been news-ed that it isnt true and the calendar restarts... and not the world will end.So therefore,December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, Another news aroused on saving the planet ( Stand up and say.."What?Whaaatt!!!" while jumping off the ground just like riding in a pogo stick). The human race will end... YES..END!..(uhh... you should be shocked.So.. Open your mouth widely and say "GOSSHH!!" ) dont worry lil fellow..Im not yet done,,, the human race will end the earth's the way.. WE NEED A HERO!and its YOU!

A water for the cow

There are a lot of jokes that requires common sense.
One day the father ordered the his some to give their cow some water.The son took some water from their house and give it to the cow. The son find it weird for the thirsty cow not drinking the water given. The son run to his father."Dad! Birdy Brain ( the cow) wont drink the water I gave to him!" The son said to his father. "And why the heck that the cow will not drink the water.I thought the cow is thirsty? by the way..where did you put the water?"the father asked. "uhh.. On the glass Ive took from the kitchen ....(the son paused)....AHA! I know! I forgot to put on straw on the glass"

The Cool Plan

You and your Girlfriend eat out, When you intend to check your budget... you ShocKed after knowing that you left your wallet at home.How are you going to excuse from your girlfriend?
THE PLAN(The things you should do)
Plan A- Open your bag and start scattering your things and tell your girlfriend: " Hon,someone pick-pocketed me!" (get your phone and pretend that you were talking to the police)
Plan B-  (Ring your phone,pick it up and make some tears) "Hon, There is a family emergency at home.I have to go now!)

These plan will work 100% sure..1% sure! Dont worry..this is just a preparation...

Toys by Day,Evil by night

It is crazy to dream about toys on the middle of your teenage life. But the most craziest thing is when your toys (that are cute,fluffy and funny at day) will turn into a smoochin' evil..mwahahaha!!

Marioland Adventure

When the next time you wake up you are in the world of Gameboy color.You looked into the mirror  and you see your yourself with a redcap, a blue jumper and a big eyes just like---Mario
Colorfully filled, You jumped out of you rooms' door and when suddenly you pooped out of the big green chimney!  As you walk towards your office a flying shooes passed by over your head ( I know,Yeah,yeah.. there is no flying shoes in the game super mario). While waiting for the bus in the station,You looked back and saw the garden of --- !!!LUIGI?! Luigi! is that him?uhh.. I guess..Its just a look-alike.  You saw him watering lilies and hydrela in the pond  and... WHHOOAA! A plant with a sharp tooth?!! BeepBeep!The bus is here already. You get inside the bus.3 robots Welcomed and Served you 2.5voltEnergizermashedcassava(a food).After eating you peeked on the back part of the bus.You saw domesticated cats---I mean domesticated lions.They Blow fire into the coal.A coal powered bus? You stand up and talked to the.... 

"GARY!GARY!! Wake up its time! the school bus is already here!Its time to come DOWN!!.. You waked up in the normal world and your Marioland adventure was all just a dream

Beach War!

What do you want? Pufferfish or  Seaurchin? Pufferfish cant be eat,so do the we are not reffering to food this time.instead we are for--The WoundMaker.Sounds like Harry's abracadabra for me,but it isnt wand..Its wound. 

So better luck you guys for the next spell..maybe something red will ex-SPELL. 

The legend of Yellowsplat:

Everything has its own beginning, and each beginning is LEGENDARY.You dont know what YELLOWSPLAT  is,But youll know the reason after reading the beginning.The LEGEND OF YELLOW SPLAT.
 Long time ago when the world was flat and dinosaurs still reign the earth, they were 2 king dinosaurs named kning Ted and King Heffley.
    Always remember, Ted is long necked (why? uhh.. long story) and Dee, He is the dark one and the dinosaur with most ticks.
                                                                                                                                         The two kings look cool and professional looking, but if youll look back on the other side--They are total Insane!
One day the two kings walk on the  roads of rainbowcheesepuke street, a very famous place for trade and barter.As they pass by the busy street,a merchant called them " Heay! stenkey sken!". The 2 kings snab the call. " Hey! betch!". After hearing the word...BETCH, the eyes of Tim glared from the distance and his ears turned red.he turned back and return to the merchant." Meer-Chant! Wu are you?Meer-chaannt?"."wanna by some bonegarretes?"... "Betch...Its Bitch you...MOREon..I mean MORON!" .The two kings nevermind the crazy merchant and continue on their walk.
  5 hours later, they finally reach their destination...The Cafeteria. "dude! theres a lot of cockroaches in your in your cafeteria!", "Uhh..yeah,It sucks!They crawl everywhere and eat my food!""They did? If so..hmm.." CRUNCCHH!!" "Yum!Tastes like mashed meat bugs! Delicious!""Haha! stop that!".
>> to be continued<<

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