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LIZA MOON infects 500,000+ webpages

A malware nicknamed "LizaMoon" infected 28,00 webpages last March 28th. Most of the webpages are associated with RSS and XML feeds for iTunes podcast updates. Claimed by Google,almost 1,500,000 pages are already infected up to date.

The virus' behavior convince users that they have to download a software to remove an existing virus,although the warning appear on pages unaffected by LizaMoon,the infection happened earlier unnoticed to the user.
It is a big warning for all music Lovers and iTunes addicts!

Judgement Day Doomsday-FAILED

Its a good news for us. No Rapture,No Disasters,No Death and No Phenomenas. If Camping said that global disasters like earthquakes, corpse will spread out and lot of bad situations will happen on the 21st May, But didnt. Camping and his other believers-FAILED.

Judgement Day: A Bible Theory or A Truth

A lot of "End of the world" Theories,predictions,foretells and contradictions are spreading today. One of the most popular End Of the World Theories is the MAYAN CALENDAR in which lately proven not true and the real system of the Mayan Dating.
Lately,This Summer 2011 I have observed on the city streets Full Posters were being posted,Judgement Day Billboards and Telecasts. The question is: Is this Real?

Leadership: A big confusion

I went into confusion after my 3 leadership training conflicted in thoughts and ideas. A Speaker said that each one of us our leaders, Yes I believe with that. Each one of us are leaders but how? in what way? The question asked can be answered by a simple question: WHo Told YoU?


We know disasters strike when we least expect them. They become great levelers in the aftermath, causing irreparable damages to lives and property. Given the magnitude of its effects, we must ask ourselves, "Am I prepared?"

Acting on this premise, the Philippine Red Cross is campaigning to encourage all households to be smart and assemble their own 72-hour survival kit. Preparedness spells the difference in the crucial first 72 hours of a disaster as they wait for assistance to arrive.

A Memory Of Solferino

ICRC publication 1986 ref. 0361 by Henry Dunant
A Memory of Solferino
Ever since its inception over a century ago, the Red Cross has been providing protection and assistance to
those in distress.
In normal circumstances, in the organized society in which he usually lives, man is protected by laws and
finds sustenance close at hand. But there are also situations, such as armed conflicts or natural disasters,
when society is thrown out of kilter, laws are violated, man's natural environment is turned into chaos, and
his safety, health and very survival are threatened: in times like those the Red Cross strives to help and
protect the victims.

I sacrificed blogging for Humanity

Grand Campfire
Well, Like I have said on my previous blogs: No time for Blogging this summer.This week, In the celebration of the World Red Cross Day, The Iloilo Chapter of Philippine Red Cross celebrated it through singing the "Life Power"  and by  forming a Human Red Cross on the Opening Program of the 1st Iloilo Red Cross Youth Summer camp.

UPDATE status on different gadgets with PC

Insecure your friends with your Facebook status icon.

If you post or update a status on a gadget. An icon of a gadget will show up on the lower left icon of your status. If you have blackberry, A black berry logo will show up on that said location, If you use playstation 3 , a small icon of playstation 3 will also be shown.

What does a Mommy Animal does like?

Man has the ability to think.We have a big brain. But compared to animals,Do they care?
Like humans,Animals are caring,protective and .... uhh.. supportive

Shrews are like human Moms. They dont want to let their children get lost in the middle of something.
Every time time they are on trip, a mother shrew let its children to bite each other so that her children wont get lost during their journey in the middle of the forest.
That is how a mommy shrew love her children


With the meaning "rejoice" on the Hiligaynon-English dictionary33rd  Hinugyaw sa Hinigaran 2011 (or in English, Rejoice in Hinigaran) became a successful event and was adored by most people in Hinigaran and other tourists as well.

Right across the historical  century year old church, on the plaza, you can see the colorful design made by the people for the preparation for the said event.

Off to Oyster Land- Hinigaran

Now, I’m finally ready for some whack’in trip to Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, where “Talaba” or Oyster is on its finest.YUM!
The Cat bus is already here. People of Negros usually call it “CERES”, actually Ceres is the bus’ company name. Even though the bus isn’t Ceres in company, they still call it Ceres.

Pacman at Yellow for Charity

Manny Pacman at yellow attire

Is Pacman tired of RED? for  all of his previous fights, Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao has red as his color on his gloves,shorts and blood. Red is Brave,Strong and WIN. But there is a big twist on  his upcoming fight against Sugar Shane Mosely this early May 2011.Manny  "Pacman" Pacquiao will wear yellow in attire.

The next thing happened after I wake up

click here for previous summer adventure
What thing do you do before you wake up?   well sleeping of course.. you sleep before you wakeup.right?That night was terrible! I cant sleep dreaming of  spider webs hanging on my blog. After that night of terror come an interesting and an exciting brand new day--The start of my second summer destination.

 Okay? wheres next? SUperCat?right.
There are a lot of passengers down the supercat building falling in line ofr departure...I cant wait.
Supercat sounds silly for me for a boat to be called. It sounds like a comic hero or a cartoon. hehe. Maybe supercat for super...speed hehe..I guess.

Did i hear the word VACATION?

PART1 of summer adventure

Its a Hooraayy for a kid to hear the word  VEehh-Ceey-TY0oOn but not for me.
When my mom said to pack-up my things and get ready for tomorrows vacation,I freezed (nuhh! not literally freezed. Philippines is a tropical country,not a single snow will drop of your headXD) .HWWAATT? VACATION? my mouth drooled of the word VACATION.

I cant believe this! Me?Vacation? Oh no what am going to do with my blog? leave it for

several days,nor months,years,,CENTURY....NOOO!!!!! Im INSAnE!( terribly insane).

Blogging makes you blind

Week 1
        Blog makes you blind for 15 minutes.Yes,Its true ! Thats why the government give limits to students every schooldays and not allowing them to be in the computer every 7 am-11 am 1pm - 5pm.  On this very hours, eyes are very sensitive to light and not blinking your eyes for 15 minutes on high light exposed place is...dangerous(?).Wonder why?

I miss Blogging. 3 weeks of blogging absence

I miss networking
I miss typing
I miss making friends
for 3 weeks of funFUNfun
but no BLOGblogBLOG

Ive been busy for weeks already. Island hopping and adventure galore.XD. I cross Islands and made some remarkable experiences.
Check out my next posts regarding on my  awesome advehn-tYuR!

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