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Angry Birds on Google Chrome

Ive been looking forward for this game few months already....
This game can be found on Smartphones and iPads...
But unfortunately, I dont have the money to buy expensive gadgets like these.
Lately, I opened my Google Chrome browser, I found an App...
Angry Birds is the title.
I come to think of something..this app is modified.. this aint original
But with the interest that pushes me... I have cant refrain from the app.. So ive downloaded it
Whooaa! Just like the  original Angry Birds found on iPads...this Google Chrome Angry Bird is exactly the way it is...
Here is a screenshot of Angry Birds
Angry birds on Google Chrome

If you want to have this app.... just download it at 
Its FREE..100% FREE

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW or write a review of Angry Birds...

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