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Factors that Affect Reading Progress

1.Cerebral Dominance- laterality of the individual is affected is by the dominance in the two hemispheres of the brain.
2. Directional Orientation-spatial and directional orientation underlie in all aspects of perception- visual. auditory, tactile and kinesthetic.
3.Maturation-  lag in the maturation of the brain part neopallium can slow down intellectual and emotional development.

4. Intelligence- mental aptitude is considered a crucial factor in reading growth and development
5. Visual Auditory Efficiency-Visual and auditory acuity are basic to success in reading.
6.Language Proficiency- linguistic factor is a major importance in the acquisition of reading power.
7. Perception and Conceptualization- ability to perceive and conceptualize is essential in the acquisition of and growth in reading skills.
8. Listening Comprehension- listening and reading are both receptive acts which are requisites to comprehension.
9.Personality and Emotional Factors-personality traits. emotional condition and reading achievement shape instructional procedure to a great extent.
10. Environmental factors- conditions related to personal relations, intragroup relation, home condition contribute to progress or failure in reading skills.
11. Socio-economic status, mobility, education and attitudes of parents, home conditions, some school variables and general physical condition.


  1. thank you so much this is a big help to me.

  2. i hope there are more definitions about the factors cited above


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