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What made us?

The decade I wrote this blog was the decade of old fashion. everything is old.old and old.Nothing is new.except for the thing they call mobile racing (dont be confuse..Its not related with mobile racing games). Mobile racing is where mobile phones are used as engines for their racing cars.

"The trophy goes to Nocia!" exclaimed by the announcer on the racing arena. The crowd goes loud and crazy. Beating the team Mogorola,samsnug and LG, The Nocia team sweeped of its trophy over the rays of the sun."See you on the next Mobile Racing Finals! Who will win the title? Will team Nocia defend it?" the program closed together as the team LG lose its hope for the next finals.
10 months later
"Boss have you heard of the latest about Nocia?" the street vendor said." They are on for the newest technology". The vendor aroused the LG team on their working grounds." What the? Could you think a symbian technology has the chance to beat theirs?" I think no boss"
Days passed the people stopped working for the upcoming race.
On a silent and solitary room, there sits big boss and think of solutions. " Okay now what!?"" What?" he punch the table... 
"Ouch!' the table shouted.. Big boss got confuse..."a talking table?"
" You got it right"the table said..
" how come?how come you can talk? its impossible!"
"Thats the point!You made the impossible...a Possible! come to think of it"
pheeww.what a dream!
He fell off the foam..inside the room
" Thats it! making the impossible...POSSIBLE!"claimed by big boss
Excitingly, he ran to the Laboratory and there he shared the message that inspired him...
" to make the impossible..POSSIBLE? why not us engineer a technology that goes beyond their technology..
So the team started to do some research and make some things that will contribute to their effort.
1 month later
congrats team...we successfully made our engineered phone
Lets call it LG OPTIMUS ..
since its black lets add on the word black..
beware..the all new LG OPTIMUS BLACK!
the cheapest,the fastest,the coolest and the latest
Mobile Phone!
On the day of the finals
The crowds cheer on hearing Nocia's
" On the 4th row we have team Nocia,our defending champion, packed with the latest Smartphone technology.."
"and on the 7th we have team LG, packed with the latest of the latest...hhhwwhhatt?!"
the crowd keep on shouting "BOOO!!" as the presentation of team LG was interrupted..
the announcer asked the crew.." Hey! could you please check this... There is something wwrong"
 The crew checked the script and then said: " there is no problem with this..this is right.keep going.
"and on the 7th we have team LG, packed with the latest of the latest smart phone technology and also packed with jet speed Dual Core processor and a full HD video record and playback and a lastest display innovation-NOVA."

After the 13 teams were presented, the race started....
The team Nocia and team LG went on craziness..
but when the Dual Core processor  LG Optimus was activated....VRoOOOoomm!
the speed went faster 2x than team Nocia
Not in a minute the team LG finish the goal and there the people started to cheer for team LG
bigboss was interviewed by international media...and there he said..." Its not just smart.Its Genius"
a media men asked: " what made you say --genius?" 
Its secret. the talking table did.
"huh" the media men wondered
" They call it INSPIRATION.Where impossible possiblities can be made.

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