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Stages of the Reading Process/ literacy development

Stages of the Reading Process/ literacy development
-guide in determining the reading skills of a particular child or the whole class.
Stage 1- Emergent Reader
-beginning reader
-basic concepts of print
-picture analysis
-sound letter recognition
Stage 2- Early reader
-word recognition strategies
-sight words
-print reading
Stage 3- Transitional reader
-towards fluent reading
-reading of lengthy texts
-little reliance in pictures
Stage 4- Self Extending Reader
-independent reading
-reading various texts
-reading for information
-gradual speed in reading
Stage 5-Advanced/Fluent Reader
-mastery in reading
-proficient comprehension
-reading for pleasure
-interpretive reading
-internalized reading strategies
Writing is always related to reading and reading is always connected to writing. As the child writes, he integrates knowledge of reading with knowledge of writing.

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