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The Green Magic in Film

Long time ago, I wondered and Ive been asking my self..." How did they do that? Did they really shoot in the outerspace?". I know its impossibe...and I know they made something to make the impossible-POSSIBLE.
Yellowsplat is makiing video presentations like virtual Ids, Music Videos,Reports and etc. with the use of Adobe Premiere. One thing we've trying to solve for several weeks already, is...How to use the green screen thingy... We one by one the effects founf d on the Adobe premiere panel..Until finally, We found the Blue screen..But...Blue screen? Isnt it "green screen" weve been looking for?. We tried the blue screen thing, We did..But It only work with Blue background. The next effect on the panel is " chroma key" we tried it without knowing that it will work. We found the color picker on its panel...picked the green color on the screen...then...there you go! we are now ready for green screen packed action!

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