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Importance of some compounds

Water – a very essential compound, makes up about 70% of the total mass of our bodies.
Drinking water helps eliminate toxins from our body especially in our kidneys.
A universal solvent
Compounds of aluminum is used in dyeing
Silica a main component of sand, is an inorganic polymer of silicon and oxygen. Used to make glass
Sulfuric acid is important in fertilizer production and the synthesis of other chemicals during petroleun refining.
Calcium oxide is used in manufacture of glass and cement and in water purification.
Calcium carbonate occurs naturally as chalk, limestone or marble, used to make quicklime and a constituent of some toothpaste.
3 silver halides – silver chloride, silver bromide and silver iodide – used in photographic films and paper.
Sodium hydroxide used in the manufacture of chemicals, paper, aluminum, petroleum and detergents.

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