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On my 100th post...
I am thanking the people who contributed on the progress of my BLOG.
First on hand is my LOYAL visitors who keep on visiting NONSTOP here at Yellowsplat.

"PASIDUNGOG: A Tribute Concert of the Panayana Cultural Group, Panayana Alumni and Kalingawan Dance Troupe" (Reunion Concert)

"PASIDUNGOG: A Tribute Concert of the Panayana Cultural Group, Panayana Alumni and Kalingawan Dance Troupe


Activity Date: December 1, 2011
Activity Time: 8:00am - 11:00am
Activity Place: Red Cross Youth Training Center, 3rd floor, Philippine Red Cross Building

Dr. Judith Sol - Jimeno (Western Visayas Regional Blood Center)

Registration: 75.00 (early bird)
On-site Registration: 100.00

THANK you!..

Spread the news and let HIV: GETTING TO ZERO! (Zero New Infections, Zero Discrimination, and Zero Related Death)

Now on HIT: EPAD

Tablet PC a.k.a PADS are now rising on today's generation. There are ipads,joypads,fastpads,galaxytab
apad and epad. With the power of the fast growing android technology...will apple end it's destiny?

Android Logo
Have you heard of the thing called epad? Its what they call the imitation of ipad...or ipad clone for short.
Most of epad were China made. Some were from Taiwan,Japan or Korea. People say, Epad is a good substitute for
ipad if you dont have a budget. Well aside from the fact that epad is cheap and China made, Epad also has
features which can be found on epad.
here are some:
Compared to ipad, this epad also have the same port for charging and connecting USBs."Transfer Box" (comes with the package)
are use to convert the port to USB one. Its has two USB ports and one Port for LAN.
You can connect your USB flash drive to your epad. Just like a computer, You can view your Videos,Pictures, Listen to Musics
and Edit your Office Documents.
Google Map.A preinstalled App
Like I have said, You can edit your office documents on your epad. It comes with an office editor when you buy one (or you can download
one from the android market). On my case, I have an android application called " Documents to Go"
there you can edit your microsoft office documents such as from Powerpoint,Word and Excel.
Epad uses Android technology. With that, You can download android applications from the android market (preinstalled on your epad).
There are more than 100,000++ android applications that you can download. One of the best application ive downloaded is the " Angry Birds".
Actually I downloaded Angry Birds from a different market. Because the preinstalled market has only limited apps. The preinstalled Android market is different from thos android market found
on Galaxy Tabs and other android devices. The preinstalled Android market I have is called "APP MARKET". It is specially programmed for MID EPADS
Chat with your friends on Facebook
. Back to topic... Since I have this aweful android market... I used " Mobile1" its like the original android market".There you can search for applications and games on different categories and types.
One time ... I travelled on a place which is not quite familiar to me. I went there alone all by myself. I got lost.
So lucky me because I have Smartbro, a wireless broadband modem, and my EPAD brought with me. So I plugged my Smart Bro into my
EPAD and start browsing the Google Map.Sameway on the computer, the googlemap on the epad are as accurate as the computer does. Its even more clear compared to an
IPad like Interface
ordinary NEO laptop.
Epad is quite cool. It has printscreen features where in you can capture you screen.Also, It has a camera which enables you to
chat with your family and friends,and lot more!
If this epad will not last for a year, well the touch and tablet PC experience can pay the price.
EPAD and quality will never be friends...but EPAD and user experience will sure be bestfriends!

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