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Banana and Papaya Fruit Peelings Extract as an Alternative Culture Medium for Fungi



     Banana, mango and papaya are one of the top export fruits of the country. With the enormous amount of these fruits produced and consumed annually, huge amount of their fruit peels are thrown away as well. Since these fruit peels comprise about one-third of the fruits, alternative ways to maximize their potential must be sought.
     This group aimed to test the feasibility of extract from banana and papaya fruit peelings as an alternative culture media for fungi. Fungal growth on the experimental culture media prepared was tested against Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA.
     Qualitative analysis of the fungi’s growth was noted down one week after inoculation.
Two hundred grams of chopped fruit peels were boiled for thirty minutes with five hundred mL of distilled water. The extract was strained using cheesecloth then the amount gathered was measured. One clear gulaman bar was added to every five hundred mL extract and the mixture was boiled again for thirty minutes. The mixture was strained again before one hundred fifty mL was dispensed into each lapad bottle. PDA and CWA were also prepared as these served as the study’s control set-ups. Three replicates per treatment were prepared. All bottles were autoclaved for one hour then slanted.
     The results were left for one week for experiment purposes. The control set up started to react with our experiment.

Safety Evaluations on Tawa-tawa (Euphorbia hirta) decoction utilizing the Sensitive Allium Test


This Science Investigative Project is knowing the safety and efficiency of the Tawa-tawa. We used the Sensitive Allium Test on the onion bulbs seated atop a Gerber bottle containing a Tawa-tawa decoction with water. The growth of roots from the onion bulb showed that the solution was not toxic whatsoever. 

The Study aims to:
To determine the different phytochemical constituents of tawa-tawa (Euphorbia hirta) decoction.
To determine the cytotoxic effect of tawa-tawa decoction at (1) 100%, (2) 10%, (3) 25% and (4) 50% concentrations utilizing Alllium test
To determine the phytochemical constituents that produced cytotoxic effect.

It was Hypothesized that there is no significant difference in the ctotoxic activity of (1) 100%,(2) 10%, (3) 25% and (4) 50% concentrations of tawa-tawa decoctions.

Take the Lead for Prevention

Caption: “Take the Lead for Prevention”

It is better to have your house got stole by a thief than caught by a fire.
Poor electrical wirings, careless smoking, abandoned lightened candles, children playing with match sticks, these are the most common causes of fire. It is either caused by Ignorant and careless people who aren’t concern enough for their safety OR People who aren’t literate enough about fire prevention.
Fire safety is one of the important things to learn. Aside from the fact that it can protect your properties from loss or damage but also it can SAVE the life of a person who means important to you.
We know that there are still few people who aren’t literate enough or does not have not have enough background idea on how to prevent fire. With these concern let’s make our move in sharing such information like on how to fire can be prevented, what to do in case of fire, whom to call and some of the basic ideas about fire safety hazards. Let’s tell them why we should prioritize this issue and why we should spread the knowledge. It is not just fire, properties, damage and prevention we’re talking to…

“ Inform.Unite.Involve” Bureau of Fire and Protection: Iloilo| Fire Prevention Month.

Caption: “ Inform.Unite.Involve”

The best way to stop fire is to prevent it from happening.

Fires have plagued people’s lives for centuries. Some fires are caused by nature, like forest fires started by lightning. But the vast majority cause of fires is started through carelessness and ignorance. Because of these, properties are damaged and there are even innocent people who died helplessly and unaided because they were trapped and caught by fire. As a solution to this primary matter, we individuals can be ambassadors

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