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One Young World Delegate Sponsorship -Need Help =)


Good Day!

I am Khene Rae G. Paranga, A senior student of West Visayas State University- Integrated
Laboratory School. I have been nominated as one of the youth delegates bringing the flagship of an
Young Leader to attend the One Young World Summit. This amazing opportunity will be held at
Pittsburgh,USA. I was selected because of my excellent leadership and sincere interest as a passionate
young leader. I am extremely excited about this student leadership experience and traveling to
Pittsburgh,USA. However, the cost of the summit is more than my parents and I can contribute, so I am
writing to ask if you will sponsor me with a financial contribution.

The One Young World is the premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. The
annual Summit brings together the young generation’s brightest and best to ensure that their concerns,
opinions and solutions are heard.

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