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My Vision for my Nation - An essay for De La Salle University - College of St. Benilde

Expressing my imagination and creativity through multimedia is my Passion and I believe that through this influential medium to the public, I can fulfill my vision for the Philippines.
My name is Khene Rae G. Paranga. I am a visual artist, film maker, graphic designer, a journalist and also a volunteer who is in sincere service for Humanity.  My interest in multimedia started when I was in fifth grade wherein I learn on how to express my creativity in a different way which is through multimedia.
When I reach High School I realized that there are a lot of things that needs to be changed and this CHANGE is the change that would give STOP on all Political Conflicts , Environmental Problems, Violence and Unharmonious Relationship  within mankind. So what is dreaming without Action? I believe that through Media, I can make a difference. Yes, the uses of Media nowadays are being abused by the people and a lot of them were influenced and was led to unwanted crimes and injustices. I know that reengineering this perspective would be the solution to all the problems I’ve mentioned. And this reengineering I’m saying would flip the negative influences into a positive one. We can use this medium to inspire, motivate and aspire Filipinos to become great citizens of this country. It is also the way to help me spread the importance of human rights, protect the marginalized from oppression, discuss the importance  and the role of the youth on the environment, and give some inspiration on how an individual can lead to significant social change.

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