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A meaningful Life with God

Reflection:    Patriarchal History of Israel ( Minimum 250 words).  As we have heard the story (Genesis  to Exodus 1:1ff,) narated in class by your fellow classmates, what insights, thoughts or learnings have you now earned? 

Classic,Meaningul and Filled with Values - these are the most highlighted lessons learned upon reading the book of Genesis and Exodus.
It showed to us how meaningful life is and on how God gives value to us. The passages showed different stories,stories of  hopeless people, sacrifice, abandonment,protection, and understanding. There are different people coming from different generations involved in the stories, but one thing that gives commonality --- there were aided by God and God didnt let them get harmed. Even we are sinful,or less.. God still love us no matter what. He will take care of us. All we have to do is to trust him on whatever challenges we might have encountered.

I will mention some of the values:

 TRUST- Trust God no matter what happens. He will make sure that you will not get harmed.
LIFE IS A CHALLENGE- Life is really full of challenges, probably, God meant it for us to be challeged and improve our self for better
NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP - This is somehow connected to trust. Whenever you are at the most hopeless situation, remember, God is supporting you. He is holding your hands and is helping you carrying the weights.
GOD IS ALWAYS THERE- Omnipresence...he is the only being to posses this. Just like a commercial advertisement.. just a single call..anytime..anywhere... pray and it will be answered.
Through these stories we became closer to God. Its being closer to him inch-by-inch. And as we get closer to him through learning more of his words, we make our lives better. we grow,we develop and we became men of faith. 

To be honest i dont want to go to hell..neither heaven.
All I want is to have a life with God.
I enjoy his inspired words on the bible and everytime i reflect unto it, my life is getting better as i learn new things to value.

Khene Rae G. Paranga
Output in Bible Study
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking
De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

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